Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Unique Writing Style - Blog Post

*Note - The whole point in bold red. READ at your own risk.* (And another thing! No running around the pool either!!!)

Pictures That Give Pleasure To Your Eye...
Sitting in an eye doctors waiting room one day expecting to get the ole notification that the good Dr. will see me now, I noticed the patients around me were all looking at magazines. I could tell about one or two were actually reading an article, the others were just flipping through, probably looking at the pictures. Most people do not like to read through long articles because it is too much information for them to process quickly. Ohhhh, the long drawn out articles may contain valid, idea sparking, factual content, but on first glance seeing a 4 page, 3 column article is the ultimate eye glazing over moment. fffffftttttth...quickly turn the page. Ah, yes! Another nice picture!

Just The Facts Please...
This got me thinking about blogs, blogging, and blog posts. It further stretched my inquisitive notions into the realm of self-help books which some are written as long as a bleeding heart Harlequin novel! Why? It's my earnest feeling any self-respecting self-help book should not be longer than 20 pages, and that's pushing it. Give me the self-help now, don't waste my time with your silly boring back story to fill space! < /Super Rant!>

Abundant Information
When readers come to blogs to peruse them they are usually looking for certain information quickly. No one wants to have to trudge through words like mud in a Louisiana swamp to get to the fabulous canjun cookin'! It's so obvious information is very abundant in today's computer age. This makes many people redirect their attention in their quests to deem what is important to them. Everybody wants to be up on the times, and to get ahead, to get on top, people are being convinced quicker is better. This is complete hogwash, but it's the way it is today in our techno-gadgeted society.

Writing Blog Post Uniquely
Finally! The information you're looking for! Writing is more about style than preciseness. Granted being concise, and grammatically correct is highly valued, however it is not what makes a writer good. Furthermore it does not necessarily make for good writing. Unique style will take you and your reader to places they have never been and this is what is passionately important. To write unique blog post you need to tap into your own singular style which you can develop with practice. Sure, there are methods you can use, but first discover your voice! Whether it be technical, humorous, serious, flighty, flaky, elite, professional, preposterous, or just Plain Jane, discovering your writing style is what this writing thing is all about.

Everyone has their own style to be developed. If you take the time, and have a little patience you will discover your distinctive quality!

To more pictures...fffffftttttth!

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  1. Concise information is very helpful. Your writing style is very readable by the way. That helps too, but it's not as easily taught.