Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making Money With Words

It's pretty apparent by now everybody who has been blogging for a while knows about keywords. Words which bring visitors to your blog. Using niche phrases to drive traffic is one part of the equation in formulating how you can make money with words. Proper keyword research involves working with a keyword suggestion generator like Google's Adwords keyword tool. It's not an exact science, but you can find it very lucrative if you happen to hit on the right keywords for your articles and place them strategically with the correct search engine optimization. It is some heavy work at first, but well worth it.

Making money with words is not even about being able to write well, this is about tweaking articles with the right mix of words. People get on the search engines and look for certain things. If you happen to hit on a word a huge number of people are searching for this can draw some tremendous numbers of people. These people will come to your blog and some will read your article and hopefully make purchases or at least click on some of the advertisements to see what they have to offer. Quantity does not always equal quality however, it does amount to an awful lot of views giving you a better chance to sell a product or gain a referral. Google Adsense can play a huge part in making money once you start getting enough people viewing your blog. Yes, people buy words just so they can put advertisements up on Google search engine pages. It really works well for everyone involved.

One of the things which is readily available in today's blogging environment is "Do Follow Blogs." These basically are networks which allow people to "follow" your blog post each time one is posted. What happens is you end up building a community of loyal followers. These people can bring even more traffic to view your highly informative prose. You in turn need to make sure you return the follow! This is how the community gets built and words just keep getting more valuable. However, never discount a blog because it doesn't have a Do Follow policy. Any blog owner can be a potential follower. Posting on others blogs is one way to get some highly concentrated traffic to your own blog.

Converting Words To Money
There is nothing which can replace the good ole search engine traffic. Writing articles around keywords which have both high searches and low competitiveness is a real factor in trying to make money with words. Research is your best friend in this area. If you can write a decent book report then you can write articles. Writing with a very productive and rich vocabulary is noble and great, but what can make you wealthly is writing with just the right assortment of money making words. It's your call!

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  1. You are on the right track with this helpful post of making money with keywords. Do remember that your readers do need to be interested in your writings though. I tend to concentrate more on my readers when I write then I do to the search engines, this way my keywords will flow naturally and not bore my readers and followers who will hopefully return to read more helpful or interesting posts. Thanks for writing this post.

  2. Thanks Tammy. You're right! Readers are the priority!