Friday, December 18, 2009

Words Mean Things

One of my manias in life is being able to stike a chord in someone by conveying a certain emotion with the right word. Writing is in a sense an art form just begging to be developed. The more you write, the more you realize how important it is you become at choosing the right words. You suddenly realize to communicate a meaning properly you can not just keep using the same words over and over again. Trying to find the exact meaning to express a circumstance, situation, event, or emotion can be frustratingly difficult. What we're trying to do here is create a subtle refinement of meaning. The overlapping shade of words is where passion meets the heart.

On another blog post this morning I read how the lack of passion in one's writing can make for a stale article not much less a stale writer. An invaluble tool to have next to you at all times when writing, is a thesaurus. Infact, this tool should be required when composing unless you're some kind of word guru. There are plenty of thesauri out there on the net. Any Google search will point you in the right direction. The resources for finding words on the internet is a plethoria! No, you will not find this word in a regular dictionary. Sometimes, I open my creative spelling dictionary to create a desired effect. Are you smiling yet, or confused?

Words are the interacting passions of life. They are sacred. Understanding how to use them decently can turn a bland writing, into a Picassoistic master piece. By all means, practice your art!

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