Monday, December 14, 2009

Ideas - What To Write about?

Generating ideas is one of the easiest aspects of writing, but for some reason people find it difficult. Here is a surefire way to get a topic to write about at any time it's called:

Word Association.

Because I'm writing about writing, I'll use this broad topic to break down, or "drill down" to subtopics. Here's how Word Association works. Pick a word and associate it to another.

Writing Utensils
Writing styles
Journalistic News
Human Interest

I made this list in less than 30 seconds because all I needed was to associate words to one another. Now if I want to I can pick one of these other toipics or use my original word to write about. I can also *"drill down" on the subtopics and base an article around this. So now I pick one of my words and ask myself some questions about it.

I'll stick with WRITING.

1: Who writes the best?
2: What skills do I need to be a good writer?
3: Who are some good writers?
4: How do I write and get my message concise and clear?
5: How is writing different than speaking?
6 How important is penmanship?
7: What are the best words to use when writing?
8: How do you find the right words to convey a message clearly?
9: Why do people write?
10 What are some good writing exercises?

Next, for the sake of prosperity I arrange those questions in what I think is the best order.

1: Why do people write?
Satisfaction/ Provide information/Passion/ Express themselves better.

2: How is writing different than speaking?
Less contractions/ less slang/More precise sentence structure/No pauses, body language, inflection, or sound.

3: What skills do I need to be a good writer?
Command of the language/ a satisfactory understanding of grammer and syntax/proficient editing skill. etc....

Now that you have a basis to write from it is only a matter of putting the answers together in sentences and paragraphs. I may start with an Introduction:

There are many reasons people write. Some write to provide information like news journalist, or scientist trying to explain a theory. Some write to express emotions. There is nothing like a good love letter, or sympathy card. Some get satifaction from writing because they feel they can express themselves better writng than speaking, etc...

So, you can clearly see this process is very succinct and to the point. This is a writing exercise which gives you an avenue so you can spend your time writing instead of agonizing about what to write. There are many ways to come up with ideas. There is never a lack of good concepts to
write about.

Below is a list of resources I discovered on the internet you can visit to find ideas.

1: Google
2: Yahoo News/Web Pulse
3: ehow
4: ruffle - Poular Searches
5: Blogger
6: News sites
7: You Tube
8: Squidoo
9: Writing Prompts
10: Keyword searches

Article Summery Points -
1: Ideas for writng
2: Word Associations
3: Drill down
4: Ask Questions
5: Answer Questions
6: Write sentences and Paragraphs
7: Write instead of thinking about what to write about.
8: Resources to find ideas.

* "drill down" is taking a word and associating it to the lowest common denominator - details.

To the Idea of Generation!

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