Sunday, March 14, 2010

Articles Ideas For Making Money

There it is right there in the title! Article Ideas For Making Money. The term making money brings in no less than 2 million plus searches per month on broad search using Google Adwords Tool. On exact search it's around 110,000. Now most of you guru's who do keyword searches and proper SEO would argue that market saturated keywords phrases are not worth it and you will not be making money with these keywords. Are we sure about this? Can you not start making money with the big keywords?

Here's the theory. Because "making money" is such a broad term and the competition is outrageous at 17 million plus, there is no way to rank high enough in google search to get recognized. This may be the case, but you have to question something. If making money or "make money" is so saturated that it's impossible to get noticed, then why are there more the 17 million competitors? Think about this. There isn't that many competitors failing with the making money keyword!

The volume of searches is so high for making money on a consistent basis it's definitely worth trying to use this keyword to make money this exact way. Google adsense compensation alone would be decent if you could get 1/10 of those people visiting your article. Words are words, and people are searching for them all over the internet, not just through Google, yahoo, or various search engines. Casting articles with the right words brings people to your business!

I read a story online about how to make money the other day and it made me question why I'm looking so hard for that particular niche keyword? Well, I know building websites around niche keywords works for making money. That's fine. However, there is a ton of work and frustration which can go into finding the unique keywords to draw people in. Is there another way? If you owned a restaurant what is the first thing you want more of? Food? Fine wines? Improved ambiance? Better employees, etc.... Those would be nice, but what you really need is more HUNGRY customers. People who are starving, standing right outside your business. Here's how to make money consistently on the internet -

*Find a ton of people who need or want something desperately and show them how, and where to get it! The more people who are seeking something you can show them how to get, the more opportunity will present itself for you to make money.

Supply and demand, it's simple, and it works. Doing the niche, seo things are great and work well, but there are other ways to making money online with the big keywords too. No matter what you do online coming up with article ideas for making money is a huge market with almost endless growth. Now if I could get enough people to just reblog this article we would all make money enough to retire!! Yeah, right! Who wants to make money?

To Making Money

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