Saturday, January 16, 2010

Residual Income

Writing for sites which share their ad revenue is just one of the many ways to make a decent income from the internet. Residual income revenue sharing sites like ehow, associtated content, and are just a few of these sites which will let amateur writers create articles. These sites will then place ads for products and services around your writing. People come from the search engines and links you might create on other sites to your page. People who are members of these article sites will also read your what you've written. It's a good idea to make friends with as many people as you can as a strategy to have more members read your articles. If anyone clicks on the ads which have been placed around your page the site shares the revenue they make with their member. That's YOU!

Writing for residual income is a way people can consistently make money on a regular basis and if writers are really ambitious can even replace a full time income. These sites usually are made specifically so people can write about anything they a familiar with or have an adequate knowledge.

Anyone can write what they know about and many can even do tolerable research enough to write full articles. You do not have to be a professional writer to get in on this ever expanding revenue sharing game. However, the better you write and more interesting you can make things appear. the better your chance of people reading what you write about!

Out of all the revenue sharing sites the one many people praise more than all the others is ehow. Creating 150 word articles is very easy to do once you understand the simple structure involved. Because ehow does not let you know exactly how they pay you residual income, it turns into an educated guessing game. It seems as though the more you write the more chance you have to get paid on your articles. There is no magic number, however key wording articles may have some impact to creating views. Subsequently, you must understand a large number of views does not necessarily mean ad revenue clicks. And even beyond the advertisement clicks, you can be paid other ways too. It is well worth investigating.


  1. Thank you for the post; with each network is so different also if you want, you can try bukisa -
    and lately Triond is paying very well and for referrals too:

    PS we are connected on eHow. (with them I had a few articles removed without notification on what articles they were, kind of disapointing)

  2. I write for Ehow, Hubpages and info barrel. I can tell for the work I do E how pays the best. Hub pages is good but they have their adsense account 40% of the time. You get 60%. Info Barrel well lets just say it’s ok.